• 【非員様用】Miles Borrero 特別WS VinyasaClass 土曜日

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    週末限定にてMILES先生のVINYASA YOGAクラス開催!


    10:00−11:30 ヴィンヤサヨガ MILES 先生




    Miles 先生プロフィール

    Miles Borrero

    Meet Miles Borrero, yoga teacher, Master of the Fine Arts, horseback rider, former-actor, ex-rocker, harmonium hugger, writer, lover, shape-shifter, peaceful warrior and trans-queer activist. Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Miles is currently based in NYC and can be found teaching regular classes at Pure Yoga.

    Coming from a classical yoga background, Miles embraces its rigor- maintaining all of the traditional elements of a yoga practice, yet with the essence of a jazz musician. Miles’ yoga is pulled apart and reconstructed, then twisted around and flipped on its head for an artful, enlivened experience. His offerings are infused by his studies in Feldenkrais, Middendorf, the Alexander Technique, Thai Massage, Anatomy, Philosophy, Music and everything else that has come into his path.

    Borrero leads retreats and teacher trainings both nationally and internationally and his unique teaching style has not escaped notice--Miles has been featured in publications, blogs and books including The Yoga Bodies Book, Your Soul Style (blog), Om Yoga, Mantra, Yoga City NYC, NY Yoga and Life, Embodied Philosophy and The Huffington Post. Deeply influenced by and eternally grateful to all of his teachers (Raghunath, Ana Forrest, Rod Stryker, Tom Myers and Jeffrey Crockett, among others), he believes yoga is an integrated science, art and spiritual practice meant to help us know and love ourselves better and more freely.

    Yoga Alliance 200 H at Om yoga
    Restore and renew with Judith lasater
    Bhakti advanced training 100 hr with rusty wells
    Bhakti training 100 hr with Sean Johnson and the wild lotus band
    Advanced Forrest teacher training 100hr with Ana Forrest
    Koshas 75 hr and yoga nidra 75 hour with Yogarupa rod Stryker
    Fresh cadaver dissection anatomy training with Tom Myers
    Bridging the gap training with Tom Myers 50 hr
    Thai massage certified from itm in Chiangmai.

    I worked at om yoga for 5 years and the Kula yoga protect for 6 1/2, which is owned by the wanderlust people. And have worked at Pure Yoga for 8 years. And I’ve been teaching full time since 2007. I have also taught 200 hrs trainings, 100 hr advanced teacher trainings and 100hr mentor ships at pure yoga, living yoga, Prema yoga Brooklyn, the funky Om.
    And let retreats in the United States, Colombia, Jamaica, Cuba, India, Bhutan and Italy.